Quality and safety are our top priorities.

Optimize Your Product

You can rest easy knowing that our segregated blending processes and highly trained plant operators ensure your liquid and dry products meet regulations and expectations for segregating allergens, sensitive ingredients, and “free-from” requirements and certifications. Our blending plant produces varying batch sizes that provide the right size needed for your manufacturing process, allowing for cost containment through manufacturing efficiencies.

Innovate With Us

Blending Expertise

Dry + Liquid Blends

Wixon specializes in blending dry ingredients and spices, and liquid compounding of flavors, slurries and marinades.

Turnkey Operation

Your product is manufactured, packaged and delivered to best fit your organizations needs.

Segregated Blending

Our segregated blending suites ensure consistent product integrity and eliminate cross-product contamination.

Industry-Leading Quality

Our manufacturing practices go above-and-beyond industry standard to provide top quality product each time.

Full-Service Manufacturing

Dry Blending

Wixon offers delivery of dry blends and mixes.

Liquid Compounding

Wixon offers delivery of liquid flavors and blends.

Custom Packaging

From industrial super sacks to consumer packaged pouches, Wixon offers a wide range of custom packaging options.

Customize Your Taste

Let us know how we can help with your next flavor innovation.

Attention to Quality

Our quality teams conduct random sampling and gather retains of blends to ensure quality standards are met. This provides lot-to-lot consistency of your blends each time.

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