Great taste starts with superior ingredients.

A Leader in Quality Procurement

The integrity of your product is secured through our procurement team’s careful vetting process of ingredient partners. The longevity of our trusted supplier relationships ensures your product requirements, food safety, quality expectations, cost targets and timelines are met.

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Sourcing Excellence

Global Supplier Network

Sourcing the best in food and beverage ingredients means having a robust supplier network. We utilize suppliers who provide superior taste and consistent quality products.

On-site Supplier Audits

We go directly to the source to oversee farming and manufacturing practices of the product we purchase. This contact allows us to build strong partnerships and a network of trust with suppliers.

Ingredient Market Intelligence

Wixon is highly involved in the ingredient and spice industry, allowing us to provide market insight to our customers. We share market intelligence with our customer base on a continual basis.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

We have multiple supplier sources and identify social, economic and physical threats to supply chains around the world. This ensures consistent on-time delivery of quality product.

Emphasis on Quality

We have over a century of experience procuring top quality ingredients for customers. We prioritize the integrity of ingredients above all else.


We are uniquely positioned to handle the needs of our customer - whatever they may be.

Sourcing + Developing Quality Product

Delivering positive taste experiences starts with sourcing quality ingredients and flavor. Our quality team goes above and beyond to test all incoming ingredients and outgoing finished goods to ensure product integrity and impactful flavor.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Wixon endeavors to work with business partners who are committed to the development and wellbeing of their employees and their communities.

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