Savory, Rich Comfort

Birria is a type of guisada, or “stewed meat”. In the state of Jalisco, it traditionally represents slow-cooked, spiced meat (usually goat) and is served during special occasions.

The birria trend we are seeing sweep the US is the Tijuana-style of “birria de res”. This is an adobo marinated beef blend, chopped to pieces and placed on a tortilla that was dipped in the beef fat and warmed on a griddle. It is then served with a beef consommé to dip your birria taco in as you eat, or sip alongside.

Legend has it the now popular Tijuana-style was first introduced in the 1950’s by Don Guadalupe Zarate who moved to Tijuana from the city of Coatzingo. He opened a taco truck to sell traditional “birria de chivo” with goat but switched to beef because it was cheaper and readily available. It is said a customer told him to add more liquid to the birria so it wouldn’t burn, creating the soup-style “birria de res”.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that birria became popular in Tijuana, with its first introduction to the LA market in 2013 by Ruben Ramirez and cousins Oscar and Omar Gonzalez. Jose Moreno of NYC birria-landia opened in 2019. It has since become an Instagram and TikTok sensation in the US, increasing menu incidence in 2020.

Flavor with Opportunity

The meteoric rise of birria de res in the U.S. has happened due to several macro trends we’re seeing in the market.

According to Mintel, Mexican cuisine is the number one ethnic cuisine consumed by Americans, with 73% of U.S. consumers interested in Mexican at home or when ordering from a restaurant.

2020 also gave way to comfort foods rising in popularity and being sought out by stress-ridden consumers looking for comforting flavors and filling foods.

The stewed meat and consommé of birria provides that familiar format of rich, savory beef with an ethnic twist.

That is why Datassentials has identified guisada as a top ten flavor trend for 2021.

We are seeing birria explode in menu incidence, but retail is still a market white space for the flavor. Now is the time to innovate around this popular, trend-worthy flavor that connects with today’s consumer.

Wixon’s birria type seasoning offers those rich, savory umami notes found in traditional preparation of birria de res.

Your sample request includes:

  • Wixon’s dry blend Birria Type seasoning
  • Birria Type seasoned roasted pepitas

You will enjoy as a snack, but the opportunities are endless on how this flavor can be implemented in the market. We recommend considering innovation as a sauce, marinade or side dish as well.

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