Posted: May 1, 2023


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Brings culinary-inspired creativity to customizable food and beverage flavoring systems

FRANCIS, Wis. (May 2, 2023) – Today Wixon revealed its latest Wixon Innovates insights research – an on-trend and in-depth examination of the vast array of ingredient combinations and cooking techniques used in Middle Eastern cuisine, all of which contribute to its distinctive flavors. “Diners, especially younger ones, crave adventure. They’re hungry for new flavors, dishes, textures, and experiences,” says Rachael Jarzembowski, Wixon Marketing Manager. “Middle Eastern foods present a world of flavor opportunities, giving consumers adventure without having to leave their kitchens.”

Middle Eastern cuisine satisfies several current U.S. market trends. It is inherently healthy, plant-forward and offers novel, yet approachable flavors. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers are interested in Middle Eastern cuisine, according to Datassential, SNAP! Keynote Global Flavors, and the same percentage of consumers perceive Middle Eastern cuisine to be ‘more healthy.’

The cuisine is known for its use of fresh ingredients and generous amounts of fragrant spices and herbs. While it’s often referred to as rustic, this belies the complexity of the many flavors and textures found in Middle Eastern cuisine. “The flavors and textures of the region are multifaceted and delicious,” says Wixon Corporate Chef, RyanKukuruzovic. The region has a rich culinary heritage that extends back to ancient civilizations and touches three continents. “Each geographic area and local population add their own spin to ingredient combinations.” Some common flavor notes are honey, sesame, olive oil, mint, chili pepper, parsley, rose water, saffron along with other aromatics that are complemented by the earthiness of brown spices. Roasting and toasting add to their depth and complexity.

“After the initial exploration of cuisine, our Wixon Innovates research is used to develop concepts that provide flavor inspiration for our customers’ product development needs,” explains Jarzembowski. “It’s a collaborative process with our customers and our culinary and R&D teams. Since we are vertically integrated, we can craft custom solutions from our proprietary toolbox of spice and seasoning blends, flavors, and flavor technologies.”

The Wixon R&D team used the Middle Eastern flavors Innovates research as a foundation for the following food and beverage concepts.

  • Mujadara Savory Trail Mix – seasoned with warm notes of cinnamon, allspice and cumin along with bright notes of coriander and turmeric with a subtle saffron finish.
  • Baklava Pistachio Snack – nuts coated with sweet nuances of floral honey with subtle inflections of cinnamon and cardamom.
  • Urfa Biber + Pomegranate Fruit Leather – notes of rich and smoky urfa biber chili pepper with warm savory notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom with a tangy pomegranate finish.
  • Zhug Snack – inspired by the eponymous hot sauce, this snack seasoning sports fresh notes of green chili pepper and cilantro, along with notes of garlic, toasted sesame, and zesty coriander.
  • Middle Eastern Limonana – a refreshing citrusy beverage with hints of zesty lemon, fresh mint and fragrant orange blossom.
  • Kofta Beef Jerky – flavored with a complex blend of traditional brown spices with added subtle green notes of cucumber, fresh mint, savory onion and garlic, finished with hints of yogurt.

For further details about these and other Middle Eastern-inspired flavor systems developed from our Wixon Innovates research, go to Middle Eastern – Wixon, Inc.


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