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At Wixon, we recognize that in order to truly test your flavor system, it needs to be sampled in a format that closely matches your own manufacturing process. Our pilot plant allows you to evaluate the manufacturability of your product on a reduced scale, minimizing the amount of testing required. This streamlining allows for reduced product development time and resources on your end, fostering an accelerated stage gate process.

Fully Equipped Chilled Processing Room

We are equipped to recreate your manufacturing processes. Samples are prepared with the highest standard of quality and GMP to ensure superior prototypes.

  • Full Scale Batch Oven + Smokehouse
  • Traditional Vaporous + Liquid Smoke Capabilities
  • Steamcooker
  • Blast Chiller
  • Automated Injection System
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • Linear Cook Oven
  • Steam Kettle
  • Grinders
  • Bowl Cutter
  • Slicers
  • Blenders
  • Stuffers
  • Patty Maker
  • Breading + Batter Application Equipment
  • Tray Packaging Equipment
  • Vacuum Packaging Capabilities
  • Walk-In Industrial Chilling

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Research + Development Innovation

Our pilot plant utilizes Wixon’s highly trained food scientists, processing technicians and flavor chemists. We approach crafting custom flavor systems with the skill and expertise required for each application. Our scientists are equipped with the resources and experience to create tailored innovative products. This includes:

  • Sourcing unique ingredients
  • Developing trending flavors
  • Designing custom processing procedures
  • Incorporating culinary inspiration
  • Troubleshooting formulation pitfalls
  • Flavor matching
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Creating cost savings opportunities
  • Working with clean label requirements
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Building Better Taste

Today’s consumer is looking for a product that is delicious and nutritious. With our Mag-nifique™ and Wix-Fresh™ custom taste technology, we can provide exceptional taste, with the clean label your customers expect.

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