Sustained Flavor Release

Taste continues to be the No. 1 driver for food and drink purchases. FlavorFresh SR™ delivers a dependable, consistent flavor and aroma experience no matter your processing or cooking method. Its proprietary encapsulation process ensures aroma and flavor intensity in final preparation. Elevate your brand and keep customers coming back for more.

Create Better Flavor

FlavorFresh SR™ Technology

Your product deserves better flavor.


Give consumers the true taste of vanilla and maple in any product development.


Our proprietary encapsulation provides a long-lasting flavor through high heat processing and cooking.


FlavorFresh SR™ technology can replace the high cost of pure extracts for a consistent product and price.

FlavorFresh SR™: VANILLA

Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla FlavorFresh SR™

Create long-lasting, cost-effective vanilla flavor.

With the volatility of vanilla prices, your products need a consistent alternative that is cost effective and maintains great vanilla flavor. FlavorFresh SR™ delivers on both counts, providing a low-cost and great tasting vanilla flavor in food and beverages. Provide your customers with an impactful vanilla experience at a reasonable cost.


FlavorFresh SR™ MAPLE

Maple FlavorFresh SR™

Deliver long-lasting maple flavor.

Consumers crave the delicate flavor of maple in savory and sweet applications. High temperatures and vigorous cooking processes can diminish this highly sought-after maple flavor. FlavorFresh SR™ flavor technology can withstand high heat processing to deliver a high-impact maple flavor in finished product.

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