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We take pride in having a long tradition of providing custom taste solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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Founded in 1907 by Charles Wixon

Charles Wixon drove a horse-drawn wagon down the streets of Chicago’s meat packing district, delivering seasonings and spices to his customers. As his customer base grew, so did Wixon Spice Co. in the heart of downtown Chicago.

In 1964, the opportunity for expansion came with the merger of Wixon Spice Co. with Milwaukee Spice. This merger came with the move to Wixon’s current location in St. Francis, Wisconsin.

The start of the 1980s brought new ownership and new capabilities to Wixon as the company was purchased by Fontarome. The next twenty years were filled with company expansion as Wixon added increased flavor and taste modification expertise to its wide range of capabilities.

Current leadership purchased Wixon, Inc. in 2004 and have continued to grow the company into the custom taste provider it is today.

Established in Chicago, IL in 1907

Wixon's offices circa 1920

Wixon Spice Co. based in Chicago until 1964

Wixon Spice Co. and Milwaukee Spice merge in 1964

Wixon expands blending capabilities

Fontarome purchases Wixon

Flavor development and capabilities expand under global leadership

Wixon becomes premiere player in flavor technology and modification

New leadership expands capabilities with the addition of the innovation center

The pilot plant is added in 2008 to increase flavor concept manufacturability

Packaging plant increases capacity with the addition of the Effytec machine

Wixon increases segregated blending suite capacity in 2017

A Century of Custom Taste

Our history is ripe with providing food and beverage customers tailored taste solutions. We partner with you to ensure meaningful taste experiences for your customers.

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