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Our proprietary taste technologies provide clean label solutions to your biggest taste and nutrition challenges. We specialize in providing custom solutions to mask off-notes, enhance flavors or increase nutrition and functionality.

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Our flavor systems are exclusively designed for your application needs. We deliver expertise across the broad spectrum of all food and beverage categories. Learn about our custom taste solutions in the categories below.

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Wonderfully Flavorful Wasakaka

October 13, 2022

A savory, garlicky green sauce that is a staple in Dominican cuisine.

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Ahhh, Truffles

Garlicky, earthy, pungent, musky and gamey – the truffle is a flavor experience like no other.

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2022 Consumer + Flavor Trends

The first quarter of 2022 seems to have been a turning point. What trends can we expect to see as this year unfolds?

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Chef's Corner

A Few of My Favorite Middle Eastern Flavors

May 3, 2023

Middle Eastern cuisine is notable for its copious use of aromatic flavoring ingredients.

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Middle Eastern Cuisine

May 2, 2023

With so much diversity, Middle Eastern cuisine offers brands the opportunity to create exciting new flavor profiles that provide consumers a sense of adventure.