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Mag-nifique Smoothie

Mag-nifique™ Flavor Technologies

Mag-nifique™ flavor technologies remove unwanted off notes, bitterness, sodium, fat, and sugar without sacrificing the flavor of food and beverages. What’s more, adding vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other nutrients just got easier using the proprietary masking benefits of Mag-nifique™.


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Sweet Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Sweet Advantage

Mag-nifique Sweet Advantage Cookie

Function: Reduces calories from sugar while retaining sweeteners

  • Up to 50% reduction in sugar
  • Caloric reduction
  • Ideal for beverages, desserts, cereals, sauces, dressings, granola bars, yogurt and baked goods

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 16:1 sugar replacement

Mag-nifique™ Sweet-Away

Mag-nifique Sweet Away Cupcake

Function: Reduces the sensation of sweetness and desired flavor profiles are allowed to release naturally.

  • Ideal for food products such as fruit spreads, icings, and other products high in sugar

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.05%-0.20%

Mag-nifique™ Sugar Lift

Mag-nifique Sugar Lift

Function: Enhances sweetness perception.

  • Ideal for beverages, desserts, and reduced sugar products

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.10-0.25%

Mag-nifique™ Sweet Away for High-Intensity Sweeteners

Mag-nifique cheesecake

Function: Reduces the lingering aftertaste of high-intensity sweeteners such as sucralose.

  • Reduces the perception of excess sweetness without affecting sugar’s functionality
  • Effective at creating a sweetness profile similar to sugar
  • Potentiates flavor profile, using less flavor to achieve same results
  • Masks unwanted sweetness in savory applications

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.06%-0.08%

Mag-nifique™ Sweet Lift

Mag-nifique Smoothie

Function: Enhances the sweetness of any food and beverage without all of th.e sugar and calories.

  • Synergistic effect with sugar that enhances perceived sweetness in any sugar application

Product Specifications

  • Usage 0.05%-0.2%

Mag-nifique™ Mouthfeel

mag-mouthfeel yogurt

Function: Creates the perception of creaminess in reduced fat or no fat products.

  • Improves the mouthfeel of dairy-based low/no fat products such as salad dressings, dips, whipped toppings, and other low fat systems

Product Specifications

  • Usage 0.05-0.10%

Mag-nifique™ for Stevia

mag-stevia granola bar

Function: Reduces lingering aftertaste.

  • Modifies sweetness profile to taste more like sugar, thus need less Stevia
  • Ideal for any application where Stevia is used

Product Specifications

  • Usage level: 0.10-0.20%

Sour Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Sour-Lift

Mag-nifique Sour Beverage

Function: Enhances sour perception in products targeting intense flavors.

  • Intensifies sour taste without extra acids
  • Ideal for beverages, confectionery, chewing gum and bakery

Product Specifications

  • Usage: Half of 1% total product weight

Mag-nifique™ Sour-Away

Mag-nifique Sour Away

Function: Reduces the perception of sourness without affecting the pH of products

  • Reduces the sour taste of salad dressings, pickled vegetables, yogurt, and other products where acid naturally occurs or is added for preservation

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.10% – 0.40%

Salty Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Salt-Away

Mag-nifique salt away

Function: Reduces the perception of saltiness.

  • Expands products’ appeal to those disliking salty taste
  • Allows salt to perform without overwhelming desired flavor
  • Masks a salty taste
  • Overcomes the aftertaste found in many sport beverage drinks
  • Reduces the amount of flavor needed to dominate a salty taste
  • Masks bitterness of potassium chloride

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.10-0.30%

Mag-nifique™ Mimic

Mag-nifique mimic

Function: Reduces the metallic character of potassium-based salt substitutes.

  • Improves the taste of products containing potassium chloride such as low-sodium foods and isotonic beverages

Product Specifications

  • Usage 0.10-0.30%

Mag-nifique™ Umami

Mag-nifique Umami

Function: Enhances the savory flavors.

  • Improves the flavor profile of prepared meals, soups, dips and gravies

Product Specifications

  • Usage 0.50 -0.70%

Mag-nifique™ KCLean Salt™

Mag-nifique Clean Salty Snacks

Function: Looks, tastes and has the texture of regular salt with half the sodium

  • Combines a natural proprietary ingredient with sodium chloride and potassium chloride
  • Removes bitter, metallic aftertastes while delivering the satisfying, salty taste consumers enjoy
  • Can be heated, frozen, boiled, packaged, or whatever else your product requires, while flavor remains intact
  • Can be used in any high sodium products including: soups, sauces, meats, frozen entrees, cheese, meal kits, cereals, salad dressings, canned foods, batters and breadings, baked goods and snack food topical seasonings

Product Specifications

  • Label claims: “All natural flavors” and “No artificial flavors added”
  • Usage: 1:1 replacement with natural salt

Bitter Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Bitterless

Mag-nifique Bitterless

Function: Reduces bitter aftertaste.

  • Reduces inherent bitterness in tropical juices, caffeinated products, alcoholic beverages, fruit inclusions, botanicals, and other products where bitterness is objectionable

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.1-0.10%

Mag-nifique™ Astringency Away

Mag-nifique Astrigency Away

Function: Reduces astringency perception.

  • Improves the taste of acidic products: dressings & dips
  • Improves the taste of soybean products

Product Specifications

  • Usage 0.10-0.30%

Mag-nifique™ Mask

Mag-nifique Mask

Function: Reduces minor background bitter notes.

  • Effective for use with high-intensity sweetener systems by creating a sweetness profile that more closely resembles that of sucrose

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.01-0.10%

Fortification Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Miner

Mag-nifique Miner

Function: Reduces metallic and chalky aftertastes from minerals.

  • Reduces the metallic character of minerals used in fortification, such as selenium and zinc, and reduces chalkiness from calcium fortification

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.10-0.30%

Mag-nifique™ Pro-No

Mag-nifique Pro-No

Function: Masks off-notes from soy protein

  • Masks the beany note of soy in soymilk, cultured soy, and other soy-based products

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.05-0.30%

Mag-nifique™ Vita-Minimizer

Mag-nifique Vitamin

Function: Suppresses vitamin off-notes.

  • Useful in vitamin-fortified products to improve flavor, such as nutritional beverages

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.01-0.10%

Mag-nifique™ for Omega-3

Mag-nifique Fortified Omega

Function: Prevents and eliminates the “fishy” taste commonly associated with omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Improves the flavor of omega-3-fortified products without sacrificing health benefits
  • An all-natural ingredient with no impact on the nutritional panel
    of the product
  • Available in dry form

Product Specifications

  • Labeled: Natural
  • Usage: 0.30%

Herbs & Botanicals Solutions

Mag-nifique™ Green-Away

Mag-nifique Botanicals

Function: Reduces green grassy, grainy hay-like notes.

  • Minimizes green, grassy, grainy, hay-like notes typical of many botanicals and vegetables, as well as whole grains

Product Specifications

  • Usage: 0.10-0.40%