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Making Healthy Taste Great.

Wixon is changing the conversation when it comes to health and wellness foods. Our Impact! program — featuring Mag-nifique™ flavor technologies — enables you to create healthier foods and beverages that taste great for all ages. Create tastier foods by masking aftertastes and reducing bitterness, sugar and sodium.

  • Keep the salty taste with less sodium
  • Maintain the sweet while minimizing sugar
  • Create a creamy perception in low-fat foods
  • And so much more

Impacting taste. Enhancing life. That’s IMPACT! from Wixon.

Impact! Program Children’s Nutrition

Impact Children

Wixon’s complete line of Children’s Nutrition flavor technologies helps counteract rising childhood obesity rates.

Common Applications

  • Low-sugar cereal
  • Reduced salt beverages
  • Better tasting whole-grain snacks

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Impact! Program Sports Fitness

Impact Sports Fitness

Our Sports Fitness flavor technologies improve the taste of healthy foods and beverages for consumers improving their health through exercise and better food choices.

Common Applications

  • Low-calorie desserts
  • Low-glycemic products
  • High-protein drinks, energy bars

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Impact! Program Weight Management

Impact Weight Management

Wixon’s line of Weight Management flavor technologies helps you give consumers more options for healthy food choices. You can enhance your product’s satiety and help consumers achieve health goals.

Common Applications

  • Low-calorie beverages
  • Low-fat yogurt, sour cream and ice cream
  • Vegetarian burgers, meat substitutes, soy fortified nutritional bars

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Impact! Program Healthy Aging

Impact Healthy Aging

Wixon’s line of flavor technologies geared toward individuals in search of foods and beverages that satisfy their taste buds while helping with healthy aging.

Common Applications

  • Low-sodium prepared meals
  • Coffee without bitterness
  • Low-sugar desserts and treats.

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