Delivering Full Flavor Without Compromising Taste.

Mag-nifique™ flavor modifiers remove unwanted off notes, bitterness, sodium, fat, and sugar without sacrificing the flavor of food and beverages. What’s more, adding vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other nutrients just got easier using the proprietary masking benefits of Mag-nifique™.

Flavor Modifying Solutions

Sweet Solutions

  • Enhance sweet perception
  • Reduce calories
  • Create creamy perception for low-fat products

Sour Solutions

  • Reduce sour perception without affecting pH

Salty Solutions

  • Reduce salt perception
  • Minimize metallic taste
  • Enhance savory flavors

Bitter Solutions

  • Reduce bitter aftertaste
  • Minimize astringent perception


  • Reduce metallic/chalky aftertaste
  • Mask off notes
  • Prevent "fishy" taste

Herbs & Botanicals

Reduce green grassy/grainy hay-like notes

Wixon’s flavor modifiers were developed in a variety of forms to meet the needs of food scientists and product managers who create products geared toward market trends and evolving consumer tastes. Our products are ideal for low-calorie, fortified, sugar-free, low-fat, and botanically enhanced foods and beverages.

Flavor Modifier Program - Impact!

Choose Mag-nifique flavor modifiers to enhance your food and beverage products without sacrificing flavors. Call 800.841.5304 today.