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At Wixon, We’re all about creating new, unforgettable products your customers can’t live without. Our renowned chefs, food technologists and scientists are hard at work developing this year’s hottest flavors and seasonings.

  • Dip Seasonings
  • Snack Seasonings
  • Side Dishes
  • Meat Seasonings
  • Sauce Seasonings
  • Beverage Mixes
  • Bakery Mixes
  • Soup Mixes
  • Marinades and Rubs
  • Salad Dressings

Here are just some of the tantalizing tastes we’ve recently created:
Arrabbiata Ketchup, Asian BBQ, Backwoods Beef Stick, Bourbon Street Meatball, Brown Sugar & Marshmallow, Chipotle Mango, Guinness Mushroom, Peppercorn Brisket, and Tailgate Chili. see more

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We stay on top of the latest flavor developments and offer you on-trend seasonings for multiple food and beverage categories.

Featured Products:

Wixon InnovatesTailgate Chili Seasoning

Wixon InnovatesTexas Caviar Salad Dressing

Wixon InnovatesBrown Sugar & Marshmallow Snack Seasoning

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