(Power Work Sessions)

Now you can work side-by-side with Wixon’s culinary creators to develop a precise flavor match for your product in just one day. That means you’ll significantly cut product time from idea to market.

pws_bullet_1Join us for a day of flavor development at our state-of-the-art Culinary Center.

pws_bullet_1Walk in with your product idea or flavor challenge.

pws_bullet_1Our food chefs work to refine desired flavors or create on-trend seasonings until we’ve got the perfect match.

pws_bullet_1Taste test our formulations until you approve.

pws_bullet_1Walk out with your perfectly palatable product!

Call your sales rep today to participate in our unique, time-saving program. Or call 800.841.5304 for more information.

Our culinary team consists of:

  • Food Scientists
  • Meats Scientists
  • Analytical Team
  • Flavor Chemists
  • Sensory Experts
  • Regulatory Department
  • Quality Control Experts
  • Marketing
Meat Scientist creating meat patties.
Meat Scientist creating meat patties.
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Meat Scientist creating meat patties.
Wixon Meat Pilot Plant.
Flavor Chemist developing flavor formulations.