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Redi-Flow™ Delivers Superior Taste.

Redi-Flow™ provides a superior-tasting licorice extract specially formulated into small, uniform-sized pellets for confectionery, tobacco and pharmaceutical products.

Redi-Flow™ Delivers:

  • Free-flowing granules ideal for modern production environments
  • Pure licorice extract without fillers or free-flow agents
  • Low moisture level; non-hygroscopic
  • Full, intense flavor
  • Significantly reduced foaming in use
  • Easy storage
  • Delivery up to 1,100 lbs.

Redi-Flow™ Outperforms Spray-Dried:

  • No loss of volatiles or chemical alterations in processing
  • Produces less foaming, negating the need for anti-foaming agents
  • Offers greater storage stability than hygroscopic spray-dried
  • Delivers more flavor pound-for-pound
  • Promises clean, dry, dustless performance

Redi-Flow™ vs. Block, Granulated Licorice Extract:

  • Costs less
  • More convenient to handle
  • Less moisture, saving you money
  • Full-bodied – a little product delivers the same intense flavor
  • Pure licorice extract with no fillers
  • Poses no shipping, handling, processing, or storage difficulties
  • Eliminates equipment maintenance and plant sanitation problems