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Simply Seasoned

Our best-in-class flavor systems and seasonings help you create distinctive custom blends – or even improve existing profiles. Getting the perfect seasoning blend is simple with Wixon.

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Wixon Signature Spices

We invite you to try any of our signature seasoning blends.

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Custom Blending

Our processes ensure the same specific blend, repeated and perfected over time, giving food producers confidence that their products will remain distinctive, batch after batch.

We offer:

  • Versatile blending capabilities to accommodate small or large batches
  • Precision blending equipment to ensure even distribution of spices for uniform results
  • Batch quantities to prevent waste
  • Flavor sealed containers to maintain freshness and purity

Global Sourcing Seasoning

Global Sourcing

Our dedicated global sourcing department ensures you will receive the best quality and price possible. We work closely with our qualified partners around the world to obtain specialized ingredients. We also perform detailed quarterly audits and site visits to assure quality.