Satisfying Seasoning Blends.

Wixon offers an extensive variety of seasoning blends to satisfy a diverse range of taste and formulation needs. So whether you need a distinctive seasoning blend for a new offering or an upgrade to improve upon an existing product, our food technologists and application specialists deliver.

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Global Sourcing

When choosing the highest quality seasonings for our customers, the world is our marketplace. However, while the locales may change, our exacting standards remain unchanged — we purchase only from exporters that meet our strict product specification parameters for quality and flavor.
Custom Blending
It’s no coincidence that Wixon custom seasoning blends are noted for consistency and quality control. The same specific blend, repeated and perfected over time, gives food producers confidence that their products will remain distinctive, batch after batch.
We offer:
  • Versatile blending capabilities to accommodate small or large batches
  • Precision blending equipment to ensure even distribution of spices for uniform results
  • Batch quantities to prevent waste
  • Flavor sealed containers to maintain freshness and purity
A Sampling of Wixon Signature Spices

Snack Seasonings

Dip Seasonings

Salad Dressing Seasonings